A Weekend in Sonoma: More than a Wine Destination

To all you wine lovers with traveler’s itch, California’s Sonoma Valley is the perfect weekend getaway for you!

As a recent go-er, I had the opportunity to spend two different weekends in Sonoma; one with a full wine tasting experience and the other without. So, this post is all about highlighting both outdoor activities and must-visit wineries during your stay! Here’s what I found…

Sonoma Plaza

California’s uneasy reopening challenged me to explore non-typically. As a result, I spent an entire day in Sonoma Plaza – a fascinating downtown with unique food stops and shops!

Something special about Sonoma County – restaurant owners are passionate and prideful about their food. Whatever and wherever you’ll eat is most likely locally sourced with freshly grown ingredients! 

After speaking with a few locals throughout the day, I was recommended these favorite food stops and restaurants:

  1. The girl & the fig: A French country, romantic bistro with outdoor patio seating and a large wine selection.
  2. Gott’s Roadside: A modern approach to American roadside hamburgers, including a California-centric list of wines and beers.
  3. Mary’s Pizza Shack: A family-run chain with true, Italian comfort food.
  4. El Dorado Kitchen: A locally sourced California-Mediterranean style restaurant with hotel dining room style seating.
  5. Sunflower Caffe Espresso & Wine: An ideal Sonoma brunch cafe spot, serving seasonal and local ingredients.

 Must-visit Shops


Cheese Factory: If you’re a cheese lover, please check out the Cheese Factory shop in the heart of the Plaza. They have a killer selection of cheese that you can sample before purchasing. Not to mention, they sell wine from the wineries nearby!

Wine Country Chocolates: Truffle Heaven. This mother-daughter business has a heartwarming story, and an incredible selection of truffles. You can even customize your own box.

The Chocolate Cow: With a line out the door, this shop had a boatload of customers longing for the best ice cream and freshly baked treats. See what the hype is about.

Weekend Activities

Although Sonoma County has great downtown shopping, it’d be a shame if you didn’t get to explore and absorb the scenic wine country. For example:

  1. Horseback Riding: Experience the most beautiful park on horseback with your friends and family. Ride through the vineyards along crystal blue waters of Lake Sonoma.
  2. Hiking: See the Sonoma Redlands and meander through the beautiful redwoods.
  3. Kayaking: Paddle through the Russian River and enjoy the beautiful Sonoma Coast. 

Wine Tastings

Lastly, here are a few local wine tours within the Sonoma/Napa Valley area recommended by the TourMega team!

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By Jacqueline Joshua