Intro To Europe Travel In 2022

Summer travel in Europe is a great way to see and discover what Europe has to offer. Summer is a great time to go to Europe. The weather is warm and the evenings are great for outdoor or beach activities. Summer travel in Europe can be a great chance to meet new people while having the time of your life.

Summer travel in Europe can provide a variety of experiences from city breaks to beach holidays. Here are some of the best destinations for summer travel in Europe.

City Escapes

Europe has some amazing cities that are filled with history and beautiful architecture. London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and Nice are ideal for summer city breaks. Each city has its own unique history and you can spend your days exploring. Sampling the city’s delicacies and immersing yourself in all the culture the city has to offer. A city escape is a great summer trip in Europe destination for visiting these cities as they are lively and have great atmospheres.

Paris Skyline View From Eiffel tower

Beach Breaks

Europe has beautiful beaches, islands with white sand, and the crystal clear turquoise Mediterranean Sea. Greece has the longest Mediterranean coastline and over 1,200 islands. This means that it has a large number of beautiful beaches and resorts (along with picturesque towns and beautiful architecture).

Over the past 10 years, Croatia has established itself as a big beach resort destination. This is thanks to its mix of historic towns and culture-filled cities and beautiful mountains and island inlets. France also has spectacular beaches to discover.

Nice and Antibes are beautiful oceanfront cities in which you can find culture and fashion. Italy, Spain, and Portugal also have beautiful beachfront villages and resorts. Beach breaks are ideal summer travel in European destinations, for all the family to enjoy.

Island Breaks

Europe have island resorts, many of them located on little-known islands. Some islands have mountains, others are flat, but all are unique in their own way. Greece has over 1,200 islands, and only around 250 are inhabited.

Greece and Croatia are ideal sailing holiday destinations. You can have the opportunity to discover remote islands whilst sailing through their crystal clear waters.

Spain’s Balearic Islands are a small collection of islands that are popular with tourists from all over Europe.

Greece Landscape

Adventure Trips

If adventure trips are more your thing, Europe has some great adventure sports destinations. Most of them offer mountain biking, cycling, water sports, climbing, and other activities. The French, Italian, and Swiss Alps are well known for winter sports. In the summer, they make great adventure sports locations as ski slopes become mountain biking tracks. The Mediterranean Sea provides great places for water sports activities while undertaking summer travel in Europe.

Festival Guide

Europe is home to a large number of summer festivals. Some of them are Croatia’s Outlook festival, Paris’s Rock en Seine, Belgium’s Tomorrowland, Sweden’s Way Out West festival, UK’s Cream fields, Croatia’s Ultra Festival, Portugal’s Super Bock Super Rock festival, and the UK’s Leeds and Reading festival. A festival is a great activity for summer travel in Europe.

Croatia Shoreline

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