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Germany has been the heart of Europe for a century and it is the fifth largest country in Europe. Once you step into this glorious country, you will be met with many attractive sights that you are bound to fall in love with this country!


Berlin is the capital and biggest city in Germany with plenty for tourists to discover.

People who love history cannot miss the historic spots in Berlin. One of the most famous historic landmarks is the Berlin Wall, which fell after 28 years of separating communist East Germany from West Berlin. If you love science, go to Humboldt-University Berlin, the university Albert Einstein studied and taught as a faculty. If you love politics, you can have a tour of the Reichstag.

Also, you shouldn’t miss Berlin Cathedral when visiting. The Berlin Cathedral’s magnificent architecture dominates the Berlin skyline. To embrace most of the intriguing history of Berlin and see all the major attractions, taking a comfortable glass-covered and heated panoramic boat would be a fantastic choice!  This bustling city will leave you with unforgettable memories.




Do you enjoy drinking beer? In some countries, beer is people’s favorite alcoholic beverage. Many people enjoy the beer buzz and feel relaxed after having a beer. You’ve probably heard of Oktoberfest Munich (famous beer festival of Munich), one of the largest festivals in the world. During Oktoberfest Munich, people gather together drinking beer, tasting Germany traditional drunk food, and having fun!

Besides this well-known festival, there are lots of places worth sightseeing. For example, Frauenkirche, a Lutheran church in Dresden, Dachau concentration camp memorial site, a place where more than 32,000 people died and more than 200,000 who were imprisoned during the Nazi regime, and also the Lake Konigssee, one of the most stunning lake in Germany.

Have fun in Munich and feel the culture in this lovely and crazy city!



Did you know? Hamburg is the second-largest city in Germany after Berlin. Since the medieval times, Hamburg has been the Free and Hanseatic City. Its location makes it a link between the sea and Germany’s network of inland waterways. This city has more canals than Amsterdam and Venice combined, yet it doesn’t receive as many visitors! Check out Nikolaifleet — which I think has the prettiest canal and it is also one of the oldest spots in the city. They also have the second largest harbor area in Europe, the Port of Hamburg, the gateway to Germany! You won’t miss it while walking around and seeing some breathtaking museum ships.

If you want to learn more, Hamburg’s top five art museums have joined and now you can get access to all of them one within a 12-month period, there’s also art from medieval to contemporary all to learn the history of Hamburg.




This major city has something for everyone. Visitors here will find everything from family and kids activities to gothic-looking cathedrals! Cologne, Germany is known for its gothic cathedral and its unique kölsch beer. The Cologne Cathedral is the emblem of the city, the building has been constructed for over 600 years and it looks amazing!

Also, they have an amazing shop for costumes called, Deiters, it is a famous costume shop in Cologne. This costume shop sells costumes all year round and everybody gets their costume here for the Oktoberfest which is a very fun and traditional festival all over Germany!

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