TourMega, A Game Changing Travel Startup

As almost everyone is still recovering from Covid-19 going into the third year of disrupting travel plans, we get closer and closer to fully normalize vacation travel again. Do you have any plans for spring break or the summer?

TourMega is the largest tours and activities search engine. With over 300,000 activities in 190+ countries and 5000+ cities. We offer the most inventory at the lowest cost, and flexible search to help you book an unforgettable experience for your trip. Our AI technology recommends the right activities with high affinity for our users based on their travel interests. We also collect travel data from different sites and generate a different set of routes to help with trip planning processes. Our chatbot learns about our users based on their travel behaviors, interacts with them directly on their trips, and answers any questions they might have.

TourMega in 2022 is game-changing, we have recently launched the new version of our website, giving users better features and user interface. Soon you will be able to easily create an itinerary by navigating your local area for entertainment, food, drinks, tours, activities, and more. Use TourMega’s AI to book your ideal trip, or search it yourself by filtering the type of activity, location, time duration, safety, and more.

While both our competitors and TourMega offer tours and activities booking platforms, they are indirect competitors because they are marketplaces that work with and recruit tour guides directly. We are a search engine that aggregates all the inventory into our platform via API access.

Hotels and other accommodation partners are more incentivized to work with us because instead of reaching out to tour operators manually, we offer a smooth booking process from searching to booking with instant confirmation, analytics with views, traffic, and conversion, and keeping track of your sales and revenue. People have no problem finding something that fits their interests because of the database.

If you are interested in increasing revenue and offering better experiences for your audience, collaborate with TourMega by emailing any inquiries to [email protected], or visit our agents’ or partners’ page for more information. Reach out to see step-by-step how to integrate with us for distribution and supply partners, we would be more than happy to provide more information.

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