TourMega Is Revolutionizing The Way People Experience Travel & Tourism In 2022


As Covid-19 approaches the third year of disrupting travel plans, we get closer and closer to normalizing vacation travel again. Do you have any plans for spring break or the summer? Start organizing your itinerary now with TourMega.

What is TourMega? TourMega is an AI search engine for travel packages. A worldwide online marketplace for booking tours, day trips, and activities, giving travelers the experience of a lifetime. TourMega offers over 300,000 tours in over 5,000 cities and 180 countries, providing users something to do anywhere they travel this year. Search your next travel destination and find hundreds of things to do, from wine tours to sunset dinner cruises.

What is ahead for TourMega in 2022 is game-changing and will highly increase the user experience and interface. On track for March 2022, our new website revamp and app launch, you can easily create an itinerary by navigating your local area for entertainment, food, drinks, tours, activities, and more. Use TourMega’s AI to book your ideal trip, or search it yourself by filtering the type of activity, location, time duration, safety, and more.

Another new up-and-coming feature is a reward system for regular users to take advantage of. Depending on the price of the tour they refer to, they can claim their commission rewards such as gift cards, credits, and other prizes towards their next excursion, just by getting their friends/family to book tours. TourMega makes booking a tour much easier with our instant booking confirmation voucher that is sent to you right after booking. 

Hotels or hotel partners are more incentivized to work with us because instead of reaching out to tour operators manually, we offer a smooth booking process from searching to booking with instant confirmation, analytics with views, traffic, conversion and keeping track of your sales and revenue. With the large inventory we have they have many options to choose from and also pick the tours from the reviews just like when you use Yelp or amazon.

If you are interested in collaborating with TourMega and making extra money, you can email any inquiries to [email protected], or visit our agents page or our partners page for more information. You can sign up as an agent or partner within a minute, located at our header on our website.

Here shows you step-by-step how to integrate with us for distribution and supply partners. Please refer to our partners’ signup page and our agents’ signup page, as the process takes under 60 seconds to complete. Our Investor deck is here if you want to see our mission and concept.

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