10 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

The world is spinning with possibilities, and TourMega has selected 10 great places for you to greet the New Year. From a Royal extravaganza to a relaxing retreat, discover how people in other countries welcome 2018.

London, England

With the announcement of Prince Harry and Megan Markel’s engagement, London is certainly a place to be on New Year’s Eve. As Big Ben sounds the twelve strokes of midnight, bridges near the Parliament and the London Eye will be filled with cheerful Londoners celebrating the transition to the New Year: champagne and fireworks will be there! Of course, the city’s many pubs will have special evenings, and London’s big nightclubs are always hosting spectacular parties.  Discover London’s experiences.

New York, United States

Times Square is surely one of the best places in America to celebrate New Year’s Day. The festivities start around 4 pm. Thousands of people brave the New York cold to see the “ball drop” at twelve strokes of midnight.  Afterward, people rush to lively and warm bars. It is not uncommon for the locals to invite perfect strangers to continue the party on their rooftops. 
Check out other cool stuff that you can do in  New York, you won’t be disappointed.

Paris, France

Celebrate 2018 in Paris with style. Drink champagne on the Champs-Elysées on the evening of December 31st. Then head to the Eiffel Tower to watch an extraordinary fireworks show. For a full Parisian experience; go to a Montmartre,  you will find several charming bars open late.  If you are lucky, you will see the sexiest French President, Emmanuel Macron.
Paris has so much to offer, you can find out about more tours and activities on TourMega

Sidney, Australia

After Wellington in New Zealand, Sydney is the second largest city to celebrate the New Year. Every year, millions of people watch the city’s incredible fireworks on television, without a doubt one of the most beautiful events on the planet that day. The pyrotechnic show does not sound the end of the festivities, it is possible to party until the early morning in many bars and clubs of the city such as Sydney Tower EyeIf you are planning to stay longer in Sydney see what we have for you.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Celebrate the New Year like a Brazilian. Every year, Cariocas, the name of locals from Rio de Janeiro, meet on Copacabana beach, all dressed in white, to celebrate the New Year and see the famous and impressive fireworks. For those who wish to extend the party, several concerts are offered all night on the beach with three scenes offering different styles of music, there is something for everyone.Take advantage of your stay in Rio to explore the city with guided tours of key places such as Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, the bohemian Santa Teresa district, the Botanical Garden, the favelas and the city center

Moscow, Russia

The capital of Russia, Moscow combines all the ingredients to make you live an unforgettable New Year: winter wonderland, exceptional landscapes, festive atmosphere, and traditions. The Red Square and the Moscow streets are covered with their most beautiful white coat, the Moskova rests under the ice and the city shines a thousand lights to the rhythm of Russian folk songs. If you want to know more about Moscow, here is a selection of travel experiences that you will love.

Hong Kong, China

There is nowhere in Asia that vibrates with more life than Hong Kong on December 31. The city organizes spectacular fireworks and lights shows. Beyond the pyrotechnic effects, it is indeed all the sky of the Bay which will ignite in a rain of stars during the final countdown! 

Dubai, Emirates

Fireworks, parties, dinner parties – The celebrations for New Year’s Eve in Dubai are always phenomenal. If you plan to visit the city during the holiday season, you will find many ways to welcome the year 2018. Join the crowd to attend the world-famous fireworks launched from the Burj Khalifa or, for a little more originality, go to the desert. Here are some ideas to help you plan your vacation. If you are missing winter sports and snow, you can do it in Dubai. It’s not a joke, Check this out!

San Francisco, United States

San Francisco has one of the most beautiful bays in the world and this evocation makes it an exceptional place at all times of the year. On December 31st, the city organizes a gigantic fireworks display in the bay, whose lights flood the city with a sparkling and lively atmosphere. The popular spots are definitely the Embarcadero and The Golden Gate Bridge, the seafront offering an incredible ride along the coast. Also, if you are looking for a place for a drink or a late dinner without reservation,  we recommend Bouche Bistro in Union Square or Nopa restaurant bar and restaurant in the North Panhandle district. If you stay longer than a day in San Francisco, you should get a tour of the city.

Reykjavik, Iceland

The end-of-year celebrations is for everyone in Iceland, a magical moment. On the night of New Year’s Eve in Reykjavik, each house is adorned with its finery of light. The Icelanders leave their homes and light huge bonfires on every street corner while the sky is studded with hundreds of fireworks. If you are feeling adventurous, follow the Icelandic tradition and immerse yourself in volcanic hot springs under the Northern Lights.


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