5 places you should visit in Australia

Many people wish to travel and explore Australia. Exploring Australia can be a rewarding and unique experience.

When travelling and exploring Australia, it can become overwhelming and difficult to know where to start. Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world, with lots of places to see.

Uluru / Ayres Rock

Uluru or Ayres Rock Ayres Rock © Anny's Adventures is a large natural rock formation located in the middle of the country. Surrounded by desert, it is a sacred place for indigenous Australians and filled with culture and heritage.

It’s a unique wonder of the world, and a spectacle. At sunset or sunrise you can experience the rock glowing. There is a small resort area with some hotels for people to stay and restaurants. This is a great place to explore, discover and learn about the Australian indigenous culture and natives in their natural environments.


Cairns is a smaller city in the Queensland department. It’s a great place to visit due to its proximity to the Great Barrier reef. It also has some other outdoor activities rainforests, islands, beaches. Cairns is a unique city a mix of beaches and rainforest areas. Just outside of the city there is a cable car attraction which takes visitors to a local town where you have the opportunity to hold Koalas!

There are a large number of beautiful beaches. For a large part of the year, most of them close due to jellyfish, crocodiles and sharks presence in the water. Cairns is a must visit for any trip to travel and explore Australia.


Sydney © Anny's AdventuresSydney is a big city located within a harbour on the east coast. It has a large number of things to see and do, including; climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, visiting the Opera House, walking around the city, visiting Darling Harbour and taking a harbour cruise.

A short boat trip from the city centre can take tourists the the picturesque Manly beach. Just a short drive away from it is the world famous Bondi Beach, one of the best surfing destinations in the world. You can explore it also by taking a boat trip around the harbour pass the cities famous landmarks.

If visitors are lucky enough to be in the city for New Years Eve they will get to experience the magical and one in a life time NYE firework display. You can see the fireworks from main landscapes such as Opera House, and from various buildings. Sydney is a great city to walk around, explore or alternatively taking the metro system, and is a must visit for any trip to explore Australia.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are two hours west away of Sydney. The National Park is home to beautiful views, waterfalls, cliffs, hiking trails, natural wonders, forests, caves and botanical gardens. The Blue Mountains are a great day trip from Sydney.

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is a beautiful white sandy 76 mile long and 14 mile wide island, around 186 miles off the coast of Brisbane. This paradise is a great place to try surfing, explore the local wildlife, drive along the endless beaches and even seeing whales swimming off the coastline.

As you can see traveling and going to explore Australia offer a large number of unique experiences. Go and take the opportunity to discover the countries culture, beauty and history!

Sydney © Anny's Adventures


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