The Benefits of Becoming a TourMega Partner

When starting any type of business one of the biggest challenges is always getting support. It’s not only looking the support of the customers and people who believe in your products and service, but also from other businesses and entrepreneurs like you.

TourMega is about to celebrate its first anniversary being an amazing tool to plan trips as a leader search engine for tours and activities. We are conscious of the challenges that entrepreneurs in the tech and travel niches go through. We believe that partnerships are a great way to help each other grow and to make our business visible in both niches.

Are you conscious of the benefits that becoming a TourMega Partner offer? These are some of the things we offer to our partners

Gain exposure

Becoming a TourMega Partner

There are two ways of becoming a TourMega Partner. You can become a Supply Partner, which are the ones that can add their inventory to our platform for more distribution and revenue. There are two ways on which you can become a Supply Partner: We can collect the data from your website and add it to our inventory or we can access it through API. This way, your tour or activity will be able to reach more users and will be seen by different audiences.

Position your business

Becoming a TourMega Partner

You can also become a Distribution Partner. A Distribution Partner is the one who distribute our tours through their platforms in order to earn some revenue from it. For example, if you have an online business or any kind of business that you have some contact with tourists you can make revenue by reselling our tours.

If you are a hostel manager or work in hotel management, becoming a TourMega partner is an excellent opportunity.  By adding our tours to your booking software, you will have more chances of generating revenue from your bookings.

By becoming a TourMega Partner, you are also becoming part of an exclusive list where you will find other businesses such as eMiles, CityDiscovery.com, Gray Line among others.

We all win when you become a TourMega Partner

Becoming a TourMega Partner

By collaborating and helping each other, we all are getting to win. We all win when we position ourselves not also in the tech world, but in the tourism and travel world. When we become partners, we create a chain of solutions. These solutions are not only for customers but also for other businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to earn their spot in this niche.

If this convinced you, let’s talk about how you can become a TourMega Partner. Lets grow all together and help each other to have our spot in our respective niches.

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