The Best Cities for Food Around the World: Valencia, Spain

Ah, Spain.  The lovely country is always the place to go if you are anywhere near southern Europe. We are all familiar with its capital Madrid and the lively Barcelona with its world-class football team Barca, but few know about Valencia.  This romantic and warm city serves as the home of the famous dish, paella. Paella is regarded by the people of Spain as their national food dish, but this antique meal originates in the city of Valencia. There are many different types of paella – seafood, vegetable, black with squid ink, rabbit or mixed – but the classic Valencian paella consists of white rice, green beans, meat, beans, and saffron and rosemary seasoning.


If you’re a night owl, you’re going to love the food scene in this city! In Spain, people usually eat very late, at around 10:00 PM and some restaurants do not even open until 8:00 PM. It takes time to create the flavors that make paella so delicious, so we recommend sitting back with some tapas or a glass of sangria while waiting for your dish!  You’re going to want to come with a loved one or family member because a lot of restaurants only serve large portions of paella with enough to feed two or more people. Don’t worry if you’re alone though! Valencia is alive with friendly locals who would never turn down an invitation to join you for dinner. If you end up meandering through old downtown, venture to Petit Bistro at la Plaza de la Virgen or Navarro Restaurante.  

Because Valencia is along the coastline, you can also enjoy a delightful lunch or dinner by the sea on Malva-Rosa or Patacona beach.  After tasting real Valencian paella, we know your taste buds won’t settle for anything less than the real deal. Nothing beats locally-made, tried and true paella, especially if you have a witness with you to rave about it when you come back home!  At TourMega, you will be able to find cooking classes and budget-friendly food tours provided by locals that speak both Spanish and English.  These are fun to do in small groups of up to 10 people, so you can either make it an intimate date with a loved one or turn it into a fun lunch with a group of friends.  If you want a behind-the-scenes look at how this dish is made, check out this video on a cooking class in Valencia, Spain.

This tour will delight your cravings as you enjoy paella after walking through the best markets of Valencia.  Satisfy both your inner shopper and foodie with this budget-friendly tour!

Tickets for Valencia’s Best Markets & Paella Tour

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