Top 11 Best Food Experiences Around the World

We have some exciting news for food lovers and avid travelers!  As a leader in travel experiences and food tours around the globe, TourMega has selected the 10 best destinations for memorable food experiences.  We are launching a new article series detailing the best food, restaurants, and food tours at 10 of the most popular cities in the world.  Each week, we will release the full article to each of the cities.  Scroll down to see which cities are on the list and let us know if you see your favorite!

1-Paris, France

Macarons birthplace at La Duree, Paris, France

This romantic city is kicking off our food experience series.  We’ll journey through exquisite Michelin-star restaurants while taking you through need-to-know food and terms to make you fit in right with the locals.  France has over 13,700 restaurants, 621 of them with Michelin stars, so there is no shortage of delicious food.  One of the best fine-dining experiences that you will find is in While you’re waiting for the dinner menus at these top restaurants to open, do like the locals do and enjoy bread, wine, and cheese on the grassy fields of Le Jardin du Luxembourg.  Read the full article to find out the best places to get your baguettes (the President of France also gets his bread from here)…

2-Tokyo, Japan

Purest sushis at Sushi Saito, Tokyo, Japan

If you have been following us for some time, you know Tokyo is our absolute favorite place.  It is known for being the city with the most Michelin stars (234!), including 5 new two-star restaurants this year.  Did you know we have over 100 of these restaurants on our site, ready for you to book?  It’s true!  Some of Tokyo’s most popular dishes are Unagi (boiled eel with a sweet sauce), Maguru Nigiri (thin tuna cuts), and Ika Nigiri (squid).  Follow us to find out which top-rated sushi places serve these delicacies.

3-San Francisco, United States

Restaurant Atelier Crenn, San Francisco, USA

If California is your destination this year and you don’t go to San Francisco, you are going to regret not treating your taste buds to the vast amounts of food from a variety of cultures.  From Italian (L’Osteria del Forno) to Chinese (China Live), to a multitude of Latin cultures (Limon Rotisserie), the food experience of your choosing in this historic city will make you fall in love.  Keep an eye out for our article on the best food in San Francisco, including our list of the 7 best Michelin-starred restaurants!

4-Mumbai, India 

Street food by night in Mumbai, India

There is so much warmth and community that envelops this city.  If you find yourself here soon, read our upcoming article on tasty and traditional street food.  One of our favorites is panipuri.  Panipuri is a round, hollow, thin pastry that comes stuffed with chili, onions, and chickpeas all cooked with many rich spices.  It’s known as a snack (sort of like an appetizer), so make sure to save your appetite for the main dish, which we will reveal when we post this article!

5-Valencia, Spain 

Paella by the sea in Valencia, Spain

We are all familiar with Spain’s capital Madrid and the lively Barcelona with its world-class football team Barca, but few know about Valencia.  But did you know that Valencia is the birthplace of the famous dish paella?  If you don’t know what paella is, it is a tray that consists of white rice, green beans, meat, beans, and saffron and rosemary seasoning.  There are chicken versions, seafood versions, and squid versions as well.  If that’s all you needed to get you excited about this beautiful city, we have great news for you!  In our article on Valencia, we are featuring a cooking class that you can take on how to make this dish!  Stay tuned…

6-Dakar, Senegal 

Taste of West Africa, Dakar, Senegal

The street shops of Senegal’s capital is your one-stop shop for a world of delicious flavors. Craving something sweet? Grab a few beignets wrapped in the local newspaper – fluffy, crispy balls sprinkled with powdered sugar (similar to “donut holes” in America!). Ready for dinner? For a couple bucks, you can enjoy a plate what is known as tieb – sticky rice, pan-fried fish, vegetables, and a hibiscus sauce.  Thirsty?  Our article on this lovely city will let you in on what to drink, as well as a unique tour experience that will take you right into the heart of the city.

7-Milan, Italy 

Haute-couture pastries at Marchesi, Milan, Italy

Walking through this luxurious city, you can get a bit overwhelmed with the vast amount of restaurants and shops.  That’s why here at TourMega, we did all the work for you so you can spend more time enjoying your food experiences!  From candy shops (Marchesi) to pizza (Piccola Ischia), this article will be your go-to guide to the best food in this magnificent city.  We even have planned for you an exciting and satisfying food tour where you will savor the tastes of authentic Milanese food and drink!

8-Bangkok, Thailand

Food Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Sometimes the best food is always food that you made with your own hands.  TourMega has searched for the best cooking class experience in this popular, busy city, and you will not be disappointed.  We know that if you’re here with a loved one, you’re probably looking for fine dining restaurants as well, and our experts here at TourMega found 5 of the best fine dining experiences in the bustling city.  Keep in mind that this is the most popular tourist city according to the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index, so keep your eyes out for this must-have guide to getting the most out of your food experience.

9-Marrakesh, Morocco

Traditional Moroccan dinner, Marrakesh, Morroco

We are taking you Marrakesh North Africa, in a city of rich color and food.  Savory meats, mint tea, smoothies, honeyed pastries, and handmade couscous are all waiting to be tasted at the various street corners and food tour that we have featured.


10-Mexico City, Mexico

Tacos Heaven, Mexico City, Mexico

What makes this city so great in food?  Some of our Mexican team members let us in on the top dishes full of flavor and tradition.  Food and family are very important in Mexican culture.  If you are hungry and don’t know where to go, the best bet is to find a grandmother and tell her you are hungry!  If she’s not around, check out this article when it comes out on the best places to eat and drink.

10-Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina’s most famous wine, Mendoza, Argentina

We end our journey in Mendoza, Argentina. How could we launch a series of articles on great food without mentioning Mendoza?  In other words, how can you enjoy a plate full of savory food without a glass of wine?  Our team at TourMega has thought long and hard about which wines deserve to be on this list, and we have prepared for you a tour that will let you taste them yourself in the home of the best wines in theworld!  Read our article on their most famous type of wine – Malbec!

We are excited to take you on this food experience journey!  Make sure to follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to read the articles as soon as we publish them! See you soon, fellow food lover!

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