Best Coffee Regions

There’s nothing better than a fresh cup of coffee to fix any situation right up. Ever wonder where such a lovely bitter cup of dark coffee comes from and how it wakes you right up? Well TourMega can tell you the origin of where it came from and how it become the #1 drink.

Ethiopian Coffee 

Ethiopian coffee ceremony is a big part of their social and cultural life. An invitation to attend a coffee ceremony is considered a mark of friendship or respect and is an excellent example of Ethiopian hospitality. Just how when Barack Obama visitedEthiopia he was offered a cup of coffee. Coffee originated in Ethiopia and this because it is the only country in which coffee is wildly grown, it makes the flavor of the coffee beans extremely diverse. African coffees are usually described as complex, fruity and floral. These are stronger, fragrant-rich and full-bodied flavors. When travelling to Ethiopia ask for the Yirgacheffe coffee, locals have said that its shimmering citrus and flower toned makes it one of the world’s most distinctive coffee. Or try the other Ethiopia wet-processed coffees such Washed Limu, Washed Sidamo, Washed Jima, and others that are typically soft, round, floral and citrusy, but less explosively fragrant than Yirgacheffe. TourMega can help you find cafes to try their extravagant coffees and also help you book tours for coffee ceremonies.  Also the appalling thing about Ethiopian coffee is they add salt instead of sugar to the coffee. Makes a person wonder how bitter that cup would be.

Vietnamese Coffee

Coffee originally came to Vietnam in the mid-nineteenth century when French missionaries brought Arabica trees from the island of Bourbon and planted them around Tonkin. Coffee  beans grown in Vietnam are robusta beans, which have a strong taste and are relatively easy to grow, compared to arabica beans. When in Vietnam try the Sweetened condensed milk made in Vietnam Trung Nguyen Gourmet Blend, most commonly served in cafes. Creation #2 Robusta Arabica, one of our most popular blends. Vietnam is also one of the biggest exporters with 27 million kilograms bags of coffee.

Colombia Coffee

There is one stereotype of Colombia that has persisted for over a century that is actual true about coffee. The questions are why is Colombian coffee so famous and delicious? And why is Colombia such a great place to grow coffee? Originally coffee comes from Africa, in what is today Ethiopia. Colombia has been in the coffee business for while and coffee is undeniably connected with the country of Colombia. Colombian coffee is known for its rich, mild flavor because of the perfect climate and beans that are grown. Which is why it’s so delicious than most coffee. It is grown in such a great geographical location that even Starbucks coffee imports it from Columbia and sells bags of them. When planning on travelling to Columbia visit TourMega.com to find local cafes to try the most famous Colombian coffee.

Yemen Coffee

Ninety percent of the world’s coffee can be traced to Yemen. It has also been cultivated the same way for over 500 years. There is a story behind this great coffee. A young man named Mokhtar Alkhanshali, he was entrepreneur who went to farms in his home county (Yemen) and started trading and making his coffee. Alkhanshali didn’t know a thing about coffee when he decided to create Port of Mokha. But two years into production, his coffee dropped jaws during its first international competition, the Specialty Coffee Association’s annual meeting in 2015. This man became a legend in coffee. When in Yemen try is coffee called “Al Mocha.”

A cup of coffee is the best thing to go with when feeling tired. With the caffeine rushing through your body and amplifying your senses it can be used to anything right up. Don’t know what to do on the first date? Taking the girl of your dreams to a local cafe would be the start of your happily ever after. And it all starts with a cup of coffee.

By Feda Faizi