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We all would love to travel to Asia, but how many of us have been to Taiwan? Taiwan is one of the most beautiful islands with so much to discover, experience, and taste.

Taiwan, a small island at the west side of the Pacific Ocean, had been conquered by many different countries including Japan, Spain, Portugal and so forth. Portuguese first caught sight of Taiwan in 1590 and named the island “Ilha Formosa” which means “Beautiful island.” Due to Taiwan’s complex history, we can easily find different styles of buildings, sceneries, and cuisine in Taiwan. The influences of indigenous culture, Confucianism, Japan, and Western civilization all can be seen at the same time.

Every beautiful city in Taiwan all have their individual personality. Once you set your feet on this fascinating island, you will fall in love with it.


Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, sitting at the northern tip of the island. The style of this gorgeous city is a blend of modern and traditional. You can visit the world 4th tallest building, Taipei 101, and you can also visit Mengjia Longshan Temple, one of the most renowned cultural and traditional temples in Taipei.

The Taipei 101 89-floor observatory is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm, and people can take the elevator to the top. If you want to reach higher, choose a good weather to visit the observatory and you can walk through the upward stairways from the 89th floor to reach the outdoor observatory on 91-floor. Enjoy the breathtaking 360-degree views of Taipei city. Moreover, if you want to see the building itself, head to Xiangshan (Elephant mountain). Follow the hiking trail of Xiangshan, it will offer you a nice view for both Taipei city and Taipei 101.

As to Longshan Temple, it is for worshiping Guanshiyin Buddha and other divine spirits. Many people in Taiwan love to pray for love, health, career and more here. Especially those who still seeking love in their life will send inquiries to the “Old man under the moon” in Longshan Temple, andthey believe they will have better a relationship in the near future. Be ready to get deeply immersed in history and traditions in Longshan Temple.



Tainan, where the people live to eat, is a city full of delicious food and cuisine. When you ask for recommendations for Tainan’s delicious snacks, local people may give you a long list and you cannot even finish it in a day.

The best way to learn the Taiwanese food culture is through the night market, in the night market, you can see many stalls selling different snacks. Tainan has many night markets and every one of it has its own different schedule with opening two or three times per week. One of the most famous snack foods is the notorious “Stinky tofu”, its strong odor must be a memorable part and many foreigners might hardly understand the reason why the Taiwanese people love it so much. If you are up for the challenge your taste buds may thank you and you may fall in love with stinky tofu! Besides stinky tofu, you have tons of other choices like Oyster Omelette, Fried Bee Hoon, Pepper Pork Bun, and Sausage with sticky rice and so much more! Enjoy your food journey and discover your favorite street food in Taiwan!


A lot of people say that if you like culture and history, go to the west coast of Taiwan, if you like nature and scenery, then head to the east of Taiwan. It is unbelievable that this tiny island has such a wide variety of scenery. In Hualian, follow the laid-back way of living, you can explore the majestic of Taroko National Park and enjoy hot springs with a relaxing vibe.

Hualien is a place where can let you fall in love with Taiwan really quickly. Once you have been to Taroko National Park, you might be astonished by the scene and atmosphere. Taroko is 90% mountainous, with 27 peaks over 3000. Liwu River cuts through from the center and is accomplished through marble-walled canyons. With the fresh and clear air in Taroko National Park, it will be a fantastic experience to have a walk and refresh yourself.

In Hualien, dolphin and whale watching is one thing you can’t miss. Take the cruise and we can catch dolphins, whales and other ocean creatures up-close. Imagine been surrounded by almost a hundred dolphins, it must be the most unique and memorable experience.



Also known as Orchid Island, Lanyu island is a place retain to its strong aboriginal Yami culture. To reach the Lanyu Island, People have to take an hour-long ferry ride. Thanks to this geographical restriction, it is not that easy for modernization to develop in Lanyu. Lots of natural sceneries have been left relatively untouched.

Lanyu is one of the clearest and best diving spots in Taiwan. A Professional diving coach will lead you to the underwater world and let you swim with many marine creatures, for example, sea turtles, clownfish, and stingray. Under the water, you can also see colorful coral reefs! These sceneries can’t be seen easily in our daily life.

Besides, people go to Lanyu must fully embrace the cultural experience. The Yami people, an Austronesian ethnic group, really make the island more unique and valuable. Every March is their “Flying Fish festival”, the purpose of this festival is to call for the attention of flying fish, praying for bountiful catches. They build lots of well decorated “puzzle-plate boats”, which can seat 1-3 people each. During your visit to Lanyu, you can learn more about this incredible and vibrant culture.

Taiwan is a place where provides many different experiences for you. Explore this tiny island and you must fall in love with it! Hope you enjoy this article and hope it inspires your interest in this historical and mystery country. Don’t forget to follow our site  http://www.tourmega.com , Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter we will lead you to discover more beautiful places in the world.

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