Chicano and Japanese Subcultures

Interesting look into the Chicano subculture in Japan. It provides a interesting glimpse in how to emulate a way of life of someone thousands of miles away. Even though, the film shows that there are some gaps in how they define what it means to be Chicano.

Seems like the Japanese crew may be relying on a few movies and stereotypes to inform their style rather than a real understanding of Chicanos. They need to understand better their history, and who they are today.

What we appreciate about this film is that it highlights how these groups  are looking to adopt a culture and make it their own. This is something that is happening and its not just in Japan.

Travel constantly reminds us that everywhere in the world, people are looking to create their own identity. It doesn’t matter if that means borrowing from someone else’s miles away.

Check the video on Chicano in Japan:

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