Crocodiles in the water or next to you….

The cage of death looks awesome! It is an experience we would definitely pay for. Crocodiles. Where else can you get this close to these predators?

Well…… Years ago, I was actually¬†face-to-face with a baby crocodile in a non-supervised setting. It was on someone’s apartment in New Mexico and it was quite terrifying. I am sure it would have no trouble having us for a few snacks.¬†It didn’t matter the fact that the thing was half my size.

Imagine being asleep on a futon and then hearing a crocodile snap at your head. Imagine it now through an aquarium, inches from where you were sleeping. Needless to say, new sheets were needed that night.

Since we only promote supervised encounters with wild and dangerous animals, hanging out in the cage of death for 15 minutes is a much better option than risking life and limbs in a NM apartment with a baby cayman.

Chech the video of swiming the Crocodiles in the cage of death.

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