Explore the world with us…

Yeah yeah, another travel blog, blah blah.

But wait! What if we promise not to be a typical travel blog? We don’t want to show you the same pictures that everyone sees on Instagram or Facebook. And we are not going to be lazy and just copy and past popular news sites or articles and pass it off as some discovery or “must read.”

So what the heck are we doing?

Great question! We are going to use video to uncover inspiring, interesting, crazy, and weird things about the world we live in. We are also going to ask you to help us out by submitting your own travel videos and experiences for us to post.

However, since we are travel nerds at heart, we’ll weave in some travel tips using data to help you save time and cash on your travels. Because after all, our ultimate goal is to get you to travel and create videos of your own (and send to us), not just watch them on our blog.

That’s it! Awesome travel videos and money saving tips. What more could you ask for? Tell your friends, crushes, grandmas, stepkids, or whoever you know that likes travel.

Truly yours,

-Team TourMega

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