Travel Smart Over the Holidays

Traveling over the holidays is always a bittersweet feeling. The overbooked planes, flight delays and crowded waiting rooms are always a deal breaker. However, visiting your loved ones always seems to make up for it. Traveling smart is an easy way to make your trip enjoyable all around. Here in TourMega we will show you 6 tips on how to travel smart whether it be alone or with your families in order to make these holidays a fa-fa-fantastic time.

1) Buy Tickets 

In order to ensure you get the best experience while traveling during the holidays, it is important that you book all the good deals. Websites like Momondo, Kayak, Skyscanner are travel search engines that will compare prices from many different sites giving you the cheapest fares all at once.

2) When to fly

Most people will avoid taking flights early in the morning or late night because they rather be at home or sleeping. During those times you will be able to avoid crowded waiting rooms and flight delays. The best time to catch a flight is between 6 to 7 a.m., according to research from FiveThirtyEight .

3) Be prepared

Before you grab your bags and go, create a checklist with all the essential items you will be needing for your trips such as hygiene products, passport, boarding passes, and wallet. If you are traveling with children make sure you pack some extra entertainment such as books, tablets, and most importantly snacks for the long trip.

Traveling smart also means planning ahead your transportation to the airport. Some of the cheapest ways include asking a friend for a ride, public transportation, or taking Uber and Lyft. Sometimes driving your car and leaving it at the airport can be costly.

4) Online Check-In

Checking in beforehand allows you to bypass all those long lines that seem endless. Most major airlines today allow you to check in from your mobile device, laptop, or tabloid at the comfort of your home as early as 24 hours before.

Additionally, looking beforehand into any luggage restriction sizes and weight your airline might have will help prevent any additional stress on your shoulders.

5) Download essential travel apps

There are a great number of apps that could be used during your trip that can be very essential.

CityMaps2Go is an app with free, offline maps that allow you to search for the nearest eateries, hotels, shopping centers by specific name or categories. FLIO provides you with all the services found in your airports such as available lounges, eateries, Wi-Fi networks and much more.

Once you arrive at your destination, download apps like Airbnb (local homes) and Hotels.com to look into accommodations. Download transportation apps such as Uber (used globally), Supershuttle (used in the US for groups), Blablacar (used in Europe) and Grab (used in Asia) to transport you to your destination. 

TourMega also offers over 300,000 tours in 5832 cities which can be a great addition to your trip.

6) Have a positive mindset & relax

At the end of the day, the most important thing to bring with you is a positive mindset. Load up your devices, wear comfortable clothes and be patient. It’s easy to be stressed due to long waits but what matters is that you’ll arrive to your destination and will be laughing over these airport stories with your loved ones.

Comment below some of your favorite smart tips when you travel!

By: Leonela