Idyllic Valentine’s Day Getaway Ideas

By Alexandra Evans

Looking to travel this Valentine’s Day? Listed below are some idyllic destinations across the world for you and your sweetheart to enjoy on the day of love. I’ve narrowed options down to (hopefully) make it easier for you and your loved one to choose your desired getaway.

Whether you’re looking to have a serene or out-and-about holiday, you’re bound to find a destination from the list below which will make for a memorable getaway with your lover.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is, arguably, the most idyllic destination for Valentine’s Day; Saint Valentine, a Roman saint from the 3rd century, was not buried there randomly! Those seeking love often visit his resting place at Whitefriar Church, known as the Shrine, and couples visit and pray for a happy and healthy relationship under his spirit’s “watch.”

Traditional Dublin Cabaret and Irish Night Show:

Live performances by Irish dancers, musicians, and even comedian Noel V. Ginnity. Enjoy a four-course dinner at Taylor’s Three Rock pub for guests to enjoy as they laugh, sing, and dance. Perhaps you can make a song request to serenade your loved one?

Celts and Castles Guided Tour:

If I were taking this tour, I would feel as though I’ve entered an ancient fairytale kingdom. Guests can spend an entire day exploring iconic, historic Irish castles and other landmarks, including Trim Castle where the movie Braveheart was filmed.

Marrakech, Morocco

The perfect exotic getaway! Explore ancient palaces and iconic marketplaces, and partake in unique activities such as camel riding. Enjoy the beautiful, sunny deserts during the day followed by true “Arabian Nights,” during which you will learn about traditional Moroccan culture. The activities below include one for the day-time and another for the evening.

Camel Ride:

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, sit atop a camel as you stroll through the beautiful, palm-shaded desert trails of Palmeraie. You will wear a headscarf (chech) and robe (gandora) while passing landmarks such as the Kasbah, Oued Tansift, and the oases Oulad Mansour and Oulad Ali. The camel ride will be followed by a snack of Moroccan staples such as mint tea and honey pancakes.

Dinner and Arabian Nights Show at Fantasia Restaurant:

Guests, while lounging and enjoying a Moroccan feast, will watch musicians, belly dancers, and acrobats directly in front of their eyes. The show also features traditional Moroccan songs, Arabian horses, a desert caravan, and… a magic carpet!

Mekong River, Vietnam

A cruise down this breathtaking, iconic river is the perfect endeavor for the couple looking to have a serene Valentine’s Day. The Mekong River is the 7th largest river in Asia, and 12th longest in the world at nearly 3,000 miles long, with several cruise options offered. Continue reading for the two most idyllic Valentine’s Day ones.

Sunset Cruise:

Take a one-hour journey on the Mekong River as you watch the sunset before Phnom Penh form a completely different side of the city (the developing capital of Cambodia). Sights include popular bars, restaurants, and galleries, along with the Royal Palace and Chaktomuk Hall. Cold drinks included.


If you’re looking to get some exercise, not only will you have your loved one to motivate you on vacation, but also the Siem Reap sights you will come across on this private bike tour, such as schools, monasteries, and markets. You will also spend time and get to know residents. Far more appealing than the treadmill or stationary bike at the gym, 100% guaranteed.

Honolulu, Hawaii


As someone whose second home was Honolulu growing up, it is easy for me to say that the city has some of the most beautiful sights you may ever see in a lifetime. Couples who seek a tropical ambiance, warm weather, and appreciate nature, music and culture should consider packing their sleeveless tops, shorts, and flip-flops and booking a flight to Honolulu. Consider partaking in the following activities as well.

Cocktail Sail at Sunset:

The title is pretty self-explanatory, and, if you ask me, it sounds rather Valentine’s Day-esque. You and your loved one can legitimately “ride into the sunset” along the Ko Olina coast, accompanied by up to 46 others, with local food selections and said cocktails.

Foodie & Sightseeing Tour:

On this private tour, you will feel like a native Hawaiian. A Hawaiian tour guide will accompany you as you visit some lesser-known areas of the island, learn about Hawaiian history and culture, and savor traditional Hawaiian food such as pork and shrimp, as well as fruit smoothies.

Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese, more or less, break up Valentine’s Day into two parts. February 14 signifies the day where women give romantic gifts to their male lovers; they are usually on the hunt for chocolate! Women will wait in drastically long lines to purchase chocolate from the highest-end shops in the area. One month later, on March 14, the Japanese celebrate White Day, on which men return the favor and shower their lovers with gifts.

Tourists and visitors, however, will likely be more interested in exploring the city alongside their loved one on a Valentine’s Day getaway.

Cocktails and Nightlife:

Cocktail lovers and makers, this one’s for you. Be inspired by the nightlife in Tokyo’s Ginza and Shibuya areas as you take a cocktail-tasting tour. These mixologists take their work very seriously, so you won’t be disappointed with the selections! Each ingredient placed into the glass is done so with careful consideration.

Kimono Lunch at Hideaway Restaurant:

Don a Kimono, dine at a 130-year-old traditional Japanese house, and capture the memories! After choosing your favorite Kimono, you and your loved one will be photographed on the corridor, then seated for a choice of Himenigiri, 24 kinds of mini Sushi lunch, or Japanese Wagyu Beef. You will be given your photos post-meal.

Rome, Italy

Rome declares Valentine’s Day to be a holiday only for lovers. While you’re in the process of planning a romantic dinner (or maybe partaking in one of the activities below), make sure to get your loved one a traditional Baci chocolate.

Frascati & Castelli Romani Wine Tour:

Check out the origins of Frascati wine on this privately guided tour. You will explore the vineyards where the grapes which are used to make the delectable Frascati. And yes, tasting is included.

Opera Serenades:

Spend your evening in the heart of Rome and allow classic arias adorn your eardrums. Afterwards, you and your loved one will enjoy a romantic, traditional dinner complete with local foods and delectable wine. A private tour of the apartments of the Doria Pamphilj Princess is also offered within this package.

Paris, France

It doesn’t come as a shocker that Europe’s most romantic city is at the top of this list. There are too many astounding destinations to choose from, including (but not limited to) the Pont des Arts, the streets of Montmartre, and the “I love you” wall. It would be impossible to hit all of these places in one trip, but I sure would try my best! If you’re looking to prioritize, I hope the following must-do activities are up there on your to-do list

Eiffel Tower (Tour d’Eiffel):

This is probably an obvious one. Nothing better than a romantic kiss in front of or atop the most popular and iconic destinations in Paris. Don’t forget to dine and overlook the city while sipping champagne! Dine at the 58 Tour restaurant located on the first floor of the tower, then embark on a tour of the Tower sans a wait time, followed by a one hour cruise on the Seine River.

Moulin Rouge Show:

Located in the district of Pigalle, Moulin Rouge opened in Paris in 1889. In its numerous direct-to-film showings, it is portrayed as a love story; however, the original is quite showy. Dancers come together from around the world to recreate the extravagant cabaret. Elegant attire encouraged, champagne included.

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