Share Economy: Reasons to Work With Tourists

These days, considering different means of earning money is a smart move. Many people is relying on share economy to get some extra money. Share economy, according to sources like Wikipedia, refers to transactions originated online through communities to share the access to goods and services. Some of these services might be lodging, car rides, and many others. For sure you can recall some major companies that are examples of share economy. Share economy is helping in many aspects of life and different type of people. Even though, there is something on which it is having major impact: the way we work with tourists and how they interact while traveling.

Many tourists nowadays rely on technology to make their travel experiences a lot more personal. They use certain apps for lodging, others to move around a new city, and also, rely on technology to book their tours and experiences on their. If you see most of the statistics, all the companies on share economy keep on grow year to year.

Share Economy - TourMega Agents

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Are you already working with any other share economy such as Uber, Lyft, Airbnb or Couchsurfing? If you are, maybe you have contact with many tourists arriving in your area. Maybe you still haven’t joined any of these companies, but enjoy being around tourists and understand the impact they make in your area.

If any of these fits your description, becoming a TourMega Agent could be ideal for you.

What is a TourMega Agent?

Becoming a TourMega Partner

A TourMega Agent is someone who sell TourMega tours and experiences. They can sell them either using our widget on their website or generating a referral code from their own TourMega profile. This referral code will be used every time they book one of our experiences.

Having some sort of personal contact with tourists, will make a lot easier the work of an agent. Having the chance to speak directly with tourists and know exactly what type of experiences these tourists are looking for is certainly a plus.

As an agent, you can sell experiences that ranges from a Pub Crawl in Paris to a

Are you a blogger or have a website? Definitely becoming a TourMega Agent using our widget or our referral code to sell some of the experiences might be useful for generating some income online.

How much does a TourMega Agent earn and what do they get?

Becoming a TourMega Partner

A TourMega Agent can make up to 12% commission on every tour they sell for TourMega. If you combine that with other share economy activities, then you will be making a consistent income.

Plus, our TourMega Agents also get a sales kit that includes business cards, flyers and t-shirts. By having your own TourMega referral code you can save too. Book your own tours and experiences through our website using your code.

Why share economy is relevant?

Share Economy - TourMega


Share economy is relevant because people who is receptive to acquire services from a community most likely will trust you. If your are a host, you will be the first person guests will trust when asking for suggestions on what to do in your city.

TourMega Agents share some tips and experiences while earning money.

Don’t hesitate and become a TourMega Agent today!

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