Spectacular Bridge In Vietnam called the ‘Golden Bridge’ is Incredibly Breathtaking!

There’s a new magnificent bridge in Vietnam, ‘Golden Bridge’ and it is out of this world! Literally!

By Susan

A new bridge found in the Bà Nà Hills of Central Vietnam near Da Nang lives Vietnam’s famous Cau Vang or “Golden Bridge”, that opened in early June of 2018, and it’s a work of art!  For 2 billion dollars invested towards tourism, it is a beautiful sight to behold in Vietnam.

We believe it to look like something out of a fantasy and it’s true—two large stone hands reaching out the side of the hills, as if, a giant was buried underneath.  It was designed by TA Landscape Architecture, whose designers wanted to evoke “the giant hands of Gods pulling a strip of gold out of the land.” The main attractions are the enormous stone hands that give it a god-like presence, the curved bridge with golden pathways, and the purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums above Bà Nà hills making it one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world.

The Golden Bridge itself is nearly 500 feet long and 4,600 feet above sea level and is stunning! Some say the bridge’s hands were carved but many say they’re not. Well, guess what, it was remarkably constructed from a skeletal design that was then covered in steel meshes and finished with fiberglass to get the desired effect!

Look at this view! No wonder Time Magazine has listed it in the list of the top 100 World’s Greatest Places for 2018! Visitors can admire how beautiful and majestic of Ba Na Tourist areas of the surrounding countryside. People love the unique design of this bridge, good job to TA Landscape Architecture for making this masterpiece happen!

Image credits: newsexaminer and Maggie Jordan

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By Susan