Spring Celebrations In Japan

By Feda Faizi

Celebrating Spring season in Japan has become the most anticipated season all year. With the Cherry Blossom Festivals to the beautiful scenery of trees blossoming and ravishing scene, locals come out and enjoy and ponder on what the season of spring has to offer. TourMega has brought to you cities in Japan and how they celebrate spring season.



Locals in Tokyo, Japan celebrate the season of spring by taking strolls in the beautiful park called Ueno Park. Cherry Blossom trees bloom in parks, on street roads, on the mountains or along the riversides. Sakura trees planted in various places all burst into a light pink at the same time. At the park you see the elegance of Gods creation of Cherry Blossom trees covering up the entire park with its beautiful colors. They start blooming March 25th and will be in full bloom April 6th. Hanami (cherry blossom viewing) is the long established custom of friends, family and even coworkers to go out to eat and drink together underneath the sakura trees during this time. Having Hanami Dango, Cherry Blossom Cookies, Cherry Blossom Milk Pudding, Sakura Moch Matcha and Warabi, Mochi Chirashi Sushi, and Inari Sushi. Check out TourMega.com for more.


The city of Okinawa becomes a magic wonderland in spring. In this city cherry blossom trees aren’t the only ones blossoming. Its filled with all sorts of flowers blooming such as sunflowers, cosmos and lily flowers. Cherry blossom festivals are held throughout Okinawa from late January to February. A highly recommended festival is the Gusuku meaning “castle” Cherry Blossom Festival, where you can enjoy viewing cherry blossoms at a World Heritage site. Also you can enjoy the “Nanohana” which is the rapeseed plants that are common during the beginning of spring season. By February, the tender stems with flower buds at the tip will be available at the supermarkets.


Kyoto has many festival celebrations that mark the beginning of spring, one of them is the Setsubun Celebration. The Setsubun is a marking of a new beginning, local japanese people caste off old bad things and invite in good new things. At homes, people throw roasted soybeans out the door of their houses while shouting “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!” (Devils out! Good luck in!). People also commonly eat one roasted soybean for each year of their life, plus another for good luck in the coming year. Higashiyama Hanatoro is one of Kyoto’s most popular festival. It’s held in the Southern Higashiyama sightseeing district. Lanterns are placed along the lanes and roads of the area, all converging on Maruyama-koen Park, where various light sculptures and installations are on display. The lantern make the city very magical. There is no better time for a walk  in this area. Don’t miss it if you’re in town.


There are a couple things to do when in Osaka Japan. First you can pass through the cherry blossoms at the Mint. The road is lined with cherry blossoms by the mint is another gorgeous spot for cherry blossoms. Usually, they are very strict and don’t allow the general public to enter the area, but every year during peak cherry blossom season it’s open to the public for a week. Take an Osaka sightseeing cruise on the Aqua-Liner Osaka, often called a city of water, is home to the Aqua-Liner, a water taxi that goes around the heart of the city over the Okawa River. It’s a 60 minute cruise that connects 4 different ports: Osakajo Pier, Hakken Yahama Harbor, Yodoyabashi Port, and OAP Port. You can fully enjoy beautiful spring views from the river, and get a glimpse at the Osaka Castle Park.