TourMega Takes A Hike: Muir Woods

Last week the team set our for our third and final outing of the summer: a beautiful hike in Muir Woods National Park. We wanted to make it a special occasion, so we flew Zach, a developer, in from San Diego. It was about time we got to know him as well as the rest of the Bay Area group!

Lucky for Zach, this trip actually went very smoothly! No hiccups like surprise nudists or missed boats this time!

Tip to plan a trip to Muir Woods

I have one tip for those planning a trip to Muir Woods: consider taking a bus from the bottom of the mountain to the park entrance. Parking is very difficult. In fact, we had to park far enough away that the walk to the park entrance was a bit of a warm up hike in and of itself!

Once we got there, however, we made a makeshift picnic of Vietnamese sandwiches, bought our tickets, and ventured into sprawling redwood forest that is Muir Woods.

The park consists of one long walkway, with four bridges extending off the sides, each leading to a couple different trails up the mountain. We chose to walk to the last bridge so we could take the longest hike and make the most of our day out of the office.

Trekking in Muir Woods

The trek was easy at first, the ground was even and there was only a slight incline. We talked with each other about work, school, and hobbies, all the while enjoying the scenery around us. The views of the enormous trees are truly stunning.

About a third of the way up, the incline grew steeper. It was never extremely steep, but it didn’t end until we were at the end of the trail. Suddenly, we found ourselves working a bit harder than we were expecting.

We finally made it to the top and took a few minutes to sit on a massive tree trunk and enjoy the incredible views around us. There was a family near us, and we even got the opportunity to tell them about our business!

Before long, it became late and we made our way back down the trail. Luckily, there is so much nature in the park that we weren’t at a loss for beautiful views as we walked down the same way we came up. There were plenty of trees and plenty of photo opportunities.

Even the walk down felt like it took no time at all. I had no idea how the day got away from us! Time flies when you’re traveling and having fun.

As I drove home from the last TourMega team outing of the summer, I began thinking about all the other experiences we’ve had this summer. We’ve definitely learned a lot about travel planning, our own activity interests, and about each other. We are excited to continue using these lessons to improve our business and help others have the perfect travel experiences.

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