What’s Going On in Japan In April?


By Alexandro Rangel

During the month of April, many exciting festivals are occurring in Japan and what’s more exciting than having the opportunity to see them in person. If you are traveling to Japan for work or just going on vacation you should take time to get to know Japan and that’s where Tourmega has you covered. 

 Miyako Odori

A tradition that has been occurring since 1872 translates to “Capital City Dances” and has become a must-see phenomenon to locals and visitors.

The Miyako Odori, a geisha dance performance, a maiko, Kyoto, Japa

Throughout the whole month of April Geiko and Maiko perform between the times of 12:30 pm, 2 pm, 3:30 pm, and 4:50 pm. Geiko and Maiko have dedicated their lives to the geiko world at the age of 15 and rarely disappoint when it comes to the stage. The performances contain 8 scenes about the Japanese life where their focal point is on temples, shrines, and the changes in nature throughout the year. They tend to be around 60 Geiko and Maiko that perform throughout the act followed up by an orchestra that plays traditional Japanese music. It’s a beautiful act that requires one to buy tickets in advance as they usually go by fast, so don’t hesitate.



Mino Festival

The Mino Festival takes place on the 12th and 13th of April in the city of Mino. It conists of flower floats

  and comedians underneath the floats making their way around the town using people as part of their skits creating a fun environment. What’s so special about this event is the beautiful scenery of capturing the 30 Mino washi flowers that roam around the city in a distinctive pink color. Throughout the festival, one can assume they are looking at a cherry blossom flowers dance party. 


Takayama Spring Festival

Considered to be among the top 3 most beautiful festivals in Japan, if that doesn’t capture your attention I don’t know what will, it is held on the 14th and 15th of April. The Takayama Spring Festival is about 400 years old and locals make it their responsibility to continue the tradition by demonstrating their folk’s art during the festival. A must-see attraction is the craftsmanship of the Hida masters through the creation of their floats that can be seen during the daytime as well as night as they are being covered with lanterns. 

Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival

Located in Nagasaki Harbor on the days of April 25 through the 29th boats from Japan, China, Korea, and Europe arrive on deck with artistic ships.  Most ships tend to demonstrate the beauty of the bygone days when the wind was the leading power in sailing. The festival holds events in the land as well as in the sea where one has the opportunity to go on board the boats, short cruises, witness races, sail past, and fireworks in the evening. 

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